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LOBO is a component of the Leadership for Resilience and Recovery Initiative (LRRI), a new array of Latinos LEAD services developed specifically to support nonprofit organizations navigating the unprecedented strategic and financial challenges introduced by the Covid-19 epidemic.  LOBO is a free online service offered by Latinos LEAD to help nonprofit organizations recruit highly skilled Latino professionals for governing board positions.  Other LRRI services will be announced soon.

There is compelling empirical evidence to support the case that board ethnic diversity is a crucial factor in whether organizations successfully overcome external challenges.  In 2015 McKinsey & Company found that corporate boards with greater ethnic and racial diversity led their firms more effectively through the Great Recession.  Their key finding was remarkable: “Companies in the top quartile of racial/ethnic diversity were 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their national industry median.”

There is never an ideal time for governing board member recruiting, and it can be a sensitive process even under the best of conditions.  The Covid-19 pandemic, its immediate and long-term economic impact, and recent social unrest are issues that have particular impact on Latino communities and the nonprofit organizations they look to for support.

While electing a first-time board member may appear to be a leap of faith, it shows that your organization is bringing fresh and different types of thinking to the table. For the most part, Latinos have not been included in the governing board candidate pool, contributing to their lack of experience in these roles. It is tempting to recruit “safe” candidates from among the few prominent Latinos currently serving on several other boards. This “recycle rut” contributes to overburdened board members, and restricts the flow of new talent who will bring focus and commitment to your board.

Yes. Nonprofit organizations can publish a generic organization profile when posting governing board opportunities. Latinos LEAD will prepare a profile based on information in the nonprofit organization’s account, or a profile can be provided in narrative form by the nonprofit organization.

Yes.  Pathways to LEAD is a fee-based service that deploys state-of-the-art executive recruiting techniques to find outstanding Latino professionals that want to serve as nonprofit governing board members.  Candidates either apply directly, are nominated by third-parties, or are identified through vigorous direct referral source outreach.  Latinos LEAD taps into its robust database of candidate profiles to begin the search and follows up referral source leads to find strong candidates for your board.  In collaboration with your nomination or executive committee, Latinos LEAD screens and interviews promising candidates, facilitates the nominating process, and can even help with background investigations.  Fees are variable based on your organization’s financial scale, operating scope, and the number of board member seats to be filled.

The most important candidate attribute is a commitment to the nonprofit organization’s mission.  This is often, but not always, demonstrated by a history of professional work, charitable giving, or volunteer activity that is aligned with the mission.  Most nonprofit organizations want board members who can devote adequate time to their board responsibilities (including committee assignments), are willing to represent the organization in public and professional settings, and are willing to introduce their professional and social networks.  Board nomination committees often emphasize various professional expertise in fields such as legal, finance/accounting, public relations, human resources, etc.  LOBO board opportunity postings include specific candidate qualifications sought by the nonprofit organization.

Nothing—it’s free.  Latinos LEAD offers this service to the nonprofit sector with support from several foundations.

All you need is a LOBO account!

At this time, eligibility is limited to nonprofit organizations based in California, or chapters/affiliates of national nonprofit organizations based in California.  Create a new LOBO account here, or go to and click on the Latino Online Board Opportunities link.  Once you’ve set up an account, you can post governing board opportunities.

Individuals interested in nonprofit governing board opportunities can create an account, go to the postings and start searching!

If you have already an account and are having trouble logging in/gaining access to your account, email

A strict adherence to a board member annual minimum dollar “give/get” may lead to a screening out some of the most promising governing board candidates.

Many board chairs and CEOs identify fundraising as the weakest aspect of board performance, and research suggests that a major factor is that fundraising expectations are poorly communicated during the nomination process. Traditionally, many board chairs and CEOs respond to this challenge by emphasizing the board’s role in fundraising, such as setting a strict “give or get” requirement, and then devote significant board meeting time to fundraising.

In some fields, and at certain stages of an organization’s development, fundraising may be the single most important role of the board, in which case strict fundraising requirements may be desired. And of course, all board members should be willing to facilitate donor introductions, act as advocates for major gifts, and participate in foundation site visits.

However, strict fundraising give/get minimums can lead to unintended consequences. For example, they would certainly preclude perhaps the most valuable strategists and leaders: nonprofit executive directors in adjacent fields or at larger organizations who need to fundraise for their own organizations.

That’s why we suggest an alternative philosophy to board giving: Understand each board members’ talents, compare against the organization’s greatest need and opportunity areas, and then set a roadmap for how best to deploy each board member’s capacity for creating greater value to your mission. Some of this value may lie in areas traditionally neglected by boards, such as hiring and developing senior staff leaders, building bridges to community groups, and providing advice and connections for government relations, policy, and finance.

Other approaches include implementing an “Orientation Year” giving level. During the first year of service, a new board member would become familiar with the programs and target population needs. The expected gift would be at 50% of the give/get minimum.

Many nonprofit organizations are simply asking all board members to make an annual gift at a level that aligns with their family budget.
An even simpler scale is that all board members commit to placing the nonprofit among their highest three yearly charitable gifts.

Whatever method is adopted, it is important not to assume that Latinos can’t afford to make a gift; they have rarely been asked. A discreet and sensitive discussion with new board members can lead to consistent and generous support—monetary and otherwise.

First create an account. Then you’ll be prompted post a board opportunity. Click on that prompt and follow the directions from there.

No. We protect the privacy of the Latino professionals who want to serve as nonprofit governing board members. Latinos LEAD conducts a preliminary review of the qualifications of the candidates who express interest in a posted board opportunity, then provides the nonprofit organization a summarized slate of applicants.

Once you decide which applicants you would like to meet, Latinos LEAD will notify the applicants and provide them with your contact information.  Where requested, Latinos LEAD can facilitate an online or telephone interview with applicants.

Click on the “My Account” tab. You’ll then see a tab labeled “Edit Profile”. From this link you can update all aspects of your company’s profile. Once finished, click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to save changes. This is where you can also add/edit profiles for subsidiaries of your organization.

Absolutely!  Please indicate the nature of the position in the title of the posted opportunity.  We’ll post the opportunity using the title you provide.  If we have any questions, we’ll contact you.

LOBO postings last up to 90 days from the date they are approved, unless filled or removed by the nonprofit organization seeking governing board candidates.

Help Using LOBO

Open your account.  Click on “Update Profile” and make changes.  Click on “Save Changes”.

If you forgot your password go to any LOBO login screen and click “Forgot Password.” Follow the instructions from there.

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