Board Opportunity
Ryman Arts

Organization Profile

Mission Statement

Ryman Arts transforms lives by creating access and opportunity for a diverse community of young artists through rigorous education in fundamental art skills and mentoring.

Organization Description

As one of the nation’s top youth art programs, Ryman Arts offers professional studio art instruction along with college and career guidance to artistic high school youth who are serious about a future in art—all at no cost to the student. More than 95% of graduates go on to college, many alumni work in the creative industries, and all are poised for personal success.
Ryman Arts received the 2019 Pasadena Art Alliance Impact Award, was 2015 SoCal PBS Community Champion, and was named a National Program of Excellence three times by the President’s Committee on the Arts & Humanities (2012-2014). Since 1990, Ryman Arts has engaged over 6,000 Southern California teens from 190 communities in its core program and provided outreach activities to more than 21,000 underserved students.
Over the past two years Ryman Arts created a new equity and inclusion plan, revised its mission statement and outlined a new student outreach initiative, Access and Equity for Young Artists. This outreach initiative’s goals are to bridge the gap of access to Ryman Arts for Latinx and low income youth, and expand our geographic reach.

Service Area
Regional: Los Angeles and Orange County and vicinity

Staff Size
7 people

Board Size
11 people

Average Board Tenure
5 years

Equity Statement

Ryman Arts Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Policy & Plan 2019 (BOARD APPROVED)
• We believe that talent is universal but opportunity is not.
• We believe it is critical to find talent wherever it exists.
• By ensuring access, we ultimately strengthen the larger community/society/creative industries.
• A diverse community of students, faculty and staff creates a richer, more impactful learning environment for all of our students.

Ryman Arts developed this policy framework in 2018 to outline our broad vision for and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and access. We used this policy as lens to re-examine our mission statement. In collaboration with community stakeholders, staff and Board, we wrote a new mission statement which was adopted by the Board in early 2019. Staff and Board continued to outline the plan based on the policy and mission, for Board approval.

Ryman Arts transforms lives by creating access and opportunity for a diverse community of young artists through rigorous education in fundamental art skills and mentoring.

Our plan is to ensure broad student access and build a diverse community of Board, staff and students including the following objectives. Strategies have been identified for each objective.
Board Objective:
• Recruit and retain a more inclusive and diverse Board of Directors. We are aiming for diversity in terms of gender, race and ethnicity, professional background, and geographic base in order to bring greater range and richness of perspective that will strengthen Board deliberations.
Staff Objectives:
• Maintain a diverse Ryman Arts staff and cast a wide net to identify, interview and ultimately hire diverse candidates on an ongoing basis, so that our staff reflects the broad diversity of our student community.
• Strengthen staff skills and knowledge to reduce unconscious bias and increase our culture of inclusiveness through training and ongoing dialogue.
Students Objectives:
• Increase the number of students who identify as Hispanic or Latino (Latinx) from the ’18-’19 average of 25% to an incremental goal of 35% in ‘20-’21, with the aim of decreasing the discrepancy between Ryman Arts student body and the Southern California student population as a whole.
• Increase the number of applications to Ryman Arts from students living in Orange County.
• Ensure program access among low–income students. To do this effectively, our initial objective is to gain an accurate understanding of the current socio-economic range of participants in Ryman Arts, develop methods to track change over time, and use those findings to determine future objectives and strategies.

Programming Area(s)
Arts and Culture, At-Risk Children and Youth, K-12 Education


Ryman Arts, 1933 S. Broadway
Suite 1138

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Board Position

Term Length
3.00, can be re-elected to a second three year term years

Position Description


Please see attached Ryman Arts Board Service Package.

Estimated monthly time commitment
4 hours

Board charitable giving policy
We expect all Board directors to make personally meaningful gifts every year, including: 1. Contribute at least $2,500 annually. 2. Get or give a minimum additional $2,500 in new contributions annually. 3. Upon joining the Board, make an additional pledge to the endowment fund of at least $5,000 payable over time, up to 5 years. 4. Purchase at least two tickets annually to a Ryman Arts fundraising event. 5. Host and/or sponsor annually at least one cultivation event.

Desired board member experience/expertise
Corporate Executive
Elected or Appointed Public Official
Higher Education