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Caesura Youth Orchestra

Organization Profile

Mission Statement

Giving the youth of Glendale a break by providing a safe & fun space to study and perform music.

Organization Description

Caesura launched its program at Cerritos Elementary School in Glendale, California. Currently, the elementary school has only one teacher visiting the school one day per week to provide music education to the entire school-about 1 hour per class. CYO will bring 8 times as much education each week at no cost to the school district, students or their families. In addition to the music education, the children will learn about the instruments, materials, and take field trips to hear live orchestral music performances. The year culminates in the students’ performance before a live audience. In 2018 a second elementary school was added.

The importance of music education for younger students cannot be understated. Research shows there is actually a positive impact on brain development for young children who take music lessons, including improved memory.

Music programs have been seen to

  • lessen students’ feelings of alienation
  • promote individual growth, and
  • provide a common bond between the home and the school.

Further, participation in a select musical performing group promotes goal attainment, teamwork, leadership, academic achievement, feelings of success, and cultural exposure.

Surveys have shown that people who go on to participate in music as adults are more than twice as likely as non-participants to be

  • aware of current events and
  • involved in the political process and
  • be major consum

Service Area
Local: City of Glendale

Staff Size
0 people

Board Size
7 people

Average Board Tenure
4 years

Programming Area(s)
Arts and Culture, At-Risk Children and Youth


610 E. California Ave
Glendale, CA 91206

Board Position

Term Length
3 years

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Estimated monthly time commitment
1 hours

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