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Open Paths Counseling Center

Organization Profile

Mission Statement

Open Paths Counseling Center’s mission is to meet the evolving mental health needs of the community through quality counseling for individuals and families at affordable fees; free therapy programs for at-risk children and youth in local schools; and a highly respected therapist training program.

Organization Description

Open Paths Counseling Center is a forty year old organization that provides culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed psychotherapy to low-income and marginalized clients and communities, in Spanish and English throughout Los Angeles County. Counseling services are provided at our location, as well as in schools and partner organizations in the communities we serve. Four specific programs scaffold our services: Open Paths Counseling Services - our general counseling program, Another Way: Stopping Abuse and Violence - our therapeutic domestic violence intervention program, Therapy In Schools - our school-based therapy program, and Therapy Outreach Program - our community partnership program where psychotherapy is provided in underserved communities at partner organizations.

Open Paths Counseling Center is also home to a robust and highly sought after clinical training agency, where pre-licensed therapists are trained in providing therapy from a culturally-sensitive theoretical framework. Most of our therapists either come from, or are culturally similar, to the clientele served by Open Paths.

There are 13 board director positions. Currently, 10 of these spots are filled, leaving 3 vacancies. We are looking for directors with the time, energy and passion to support the organization as we scale to meet the ever increasing demands for culturally sensitive therapy.

Service Area
Regional: Los Angeles County

Staff Size
55 people

Board Size
10 people

Average Board Tenure
3 years

Equity Statement

Open Paths Counseling Center envisions a day when every person, regardless of community, race, ethnicity, citizenry, sexual orientation, gender, economic status, language, religion, or culture, has the opportunity to engage in transformational psychotherapy in a way that meets their social, emotional, and cultural needs, and creates mental and emotional wellbeing.

Open Paths Counseling Center core values reflect how we engage with each other, our clients, and the communities we serve:

Humility - We understand that we cannot fully know anyone else’s experience. We commit to remaining open to listening for and honoring each person’s experience as they share it.
Accessibility - We strive to remove the three primary barriers to therapy; geographical, financial, and cultural, to the greatest extent possible.
Clinical Integrity - We strive to provide the high quality, trauma informed, culturally sensitive clinical care to each client we engage. We will do this by meeting each client where they are and working with them in a clinical manner that respects their inherent human dignity and worth. We will also do this by maintaining complete, accurate and timely clinical notes and records.
Inclusion - Open Paths actively recruits board, staff and clinicians from all walks of life, with a particular emphasis on recruiting clinicians who are culturally similar to our clientele. In addition to representation, we commit to openly listening to the input and feedback of people within all levels of the organization, so that decisions can be made from an informed perspective for how they will affect everyone, including clients, clinicians, staff and other stakeholders.
Cultural Sensitivity - We commit to the following:
We will continually educate ourselves about the clients and communities we serve, rather than waiting for someone else to educate us about cultures and communities different from those we have first hand experience with.
We will continually deepen our understanding of our place and position in society, and how our position affects those with whom we engage. We will give specific thought to how the area(s) in which we hold privilege may affect everyone we encounter at Open Paths.
We will continually educate ourselves about the visible and invisible systems that impact all of us, including, but not limited to:
The pervasive oppressions that permeate our society, including but not limited to, racial oppression, homophobia, transphobia, heteronormativity, ableism, sexism, ageism, classism, nationalism, and non-dominant religious oppression.
The ways in which we each hold, or do not hold, privilege(s) - and how that may or may not affect our relationships with our clients and other OP staff and clinicians.
We will recognize and engage in active anti-racism work through continual training, practices and processes

Programming Area(s)
At-Risk Children and Youth, Domestic and Family Violence, Mental Health


400 Corporate Pointe
Suite 300

Culver City, CA 90230

Board Position

Term Length
3 years

Estimated monthly time commitment
10 hours

Board charitable giving policy
Open Paths Counseling Center has an annual $1000 give/get. Each board director commits to directly contributing a minimum donation of $200. They may then either donate or otherwise procure a minimum of $800 annually. This is the base contribution expected of each director, though many choose to contribute more.

Other key board roles and responsibilities
Each board member is expected to serve on a committee. Current committees include:

  • Fundraising
  • Finance and Infrastructure
  • Board Recruitment
  • Marketing & Communications

Desired board member experience/expertise
Corporate Executive
Elected or Appointed Public Official

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