Board Opportunity
Joe Goode Performance Group

Organization Profile

Mission Statement

Joe Goode Performance Group’s mission promotes understanding, compassion and tolerance among people through the innovative use of dance and theater. The three pillars of our current programming include: creating new dance-theater; expanding movement education access to all people; and managing the Joe Goode Annex, an affordable studio theater in San Francisco.

Organization Description

In 1979 Joe Goode pioneered a genre of dance theater that combined text, gestures, and humor with highly physical dancing that often centered LGBTQ stories. JGPG then incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1986 with the goal of providing a support structure for Goode’s artistic work. Over the past 34 years JGPG has performed annually in the Bay Area and has toured widely across the U.S. and abroad. Goode’s artistic work centers on the accessibility of deeply felt movement and expression, embodied by a world-class roster of dancers and collaborators.

2011 marked a major step in JGPG’s evolution: the acquisition of a 3,200 square foot home dance studio and theater—the Joe Goode Annex. The Annex has become a vital resource for performing artists in San Francisco, through rentals, collaborations, teaching, and residencies.

In 2019, JGPG was nominated by San Francisco Mayor London Breed to be designated a Legacy Business by the SF Office of Small Business and the Historic Preservation Fund for its history of creating new work centered around voicing the queer experience.

Service Area
Regional: San Francisco Bay Area

Staff Size
30 people

Board Size
6 people

Average Board Tenure
6 years

Programming Area(s)
Arts and Culture


499 Alabama Street, #150
San Francisco, CA 94110

Board Position

Term Length
3 years (renew once, max 6 years) years

Position Description


The Joe Goode Performance Group Board is a vital part of the community that brings our mission and programs to life. Board members come to JGPG from varied backgrounds and familiarity with the organization, whether longtime fans of Joe’s work, participants in our movement classes, or supporters of the arts ecosystem more generally.

In its official capacity, the Board of Directors governs and holds fiduciary responsibility for JGPG, an obligation to prioritize the organization’s best interest. Further, our Board Members are thought leaders and collaborators in visioning the future of the organization and are active members of a community that includes our staff, artists, students, and other stakeholders who make the organization a success.

Estimated monthly time commitment
3 hours

Board charitable giving policy
An annual donation of an amount that is significant to you, on par or above your other charitable giving, as well as purchasing tickets to fundraising events and performances. Each Board member's individual giving has recently averaged $1,000-5,000 annually and event ticket prices range from $10-125 each. JGPG's Board does not require any specific dollar amount for a "get" yet does hope that all board members will engage with prospective and current donors.

Other key board roles and responsibilities

  • Share in our vision and values, articulated in our mission and embodied in our institutional culture, operations, and programs. This includes enthusiasm to be a part of an organization evolving towards anti-racism and cultural equity.
  • Be supported by fellow board members and staff to receive orientation to JGPG’s history, programs, budget, and strategic plan.
  • Attend regular board meetings, bimonthly on the third Tuesday of the month.
  • Willingness to participate in a committee or project group
  • Set policy and provide direction of the organization through understanding, approval, and monitoring of the annual budget and financial performance
  • Hire and evaluate the Executive Director
(detailed more fully in the PDF of our Board of Directors Overview)

Desired board member experience/expertise
Corporate Executive
Nonprofit Executive