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Inclusion Readiness Intake

The Inclusion Readiness Intake process helps nonprofit organizations lay a foundation for successful recruitment and retention of Latino governing board members.  Latinos LEAD collaborates with your executive and board teams to develop inclusion guidance customized for your programming, strategic position, target population, and service area demographics.

This service is an option for organizations participating in either Premier Board Recruiting or the Board Solutions Network. 

  • Latinos LEAD examines the internal and external factors that drive a successful governing board search, optimize your profile with Latino candidates, effectively leverage your access to Latino board candidates, and improve your readiness to include Latinos on your governance team.
  • The Inclusion Readiness Intake process includes interviews with key informants, reviews of your public-facing and online content, inclusion statements, and institutional materials. This review helps you better understand how Latino candidates perceive your organization.
  • You receive an Inclusion Readiness Assessment with recommendations to improve your governing board inclusion practices and board member recruiting outcomes.
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