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Ready to LEAD

Ready to LEAD is a series of three webinar modules designed to prepare Latino professionals for effective nonprofit board service. Webinar Instructors facilitate fast-paced interactive sessions for small cohorts of seasoned professionals. Comprehensive handbooks and toolkits provide resources to support ongoing individual professional development in nonprofit strategy, management, and community leadership.

  • Fundamentals in Nonprofit Governance – This session provides an overview of nonprofit governance, the principles of nonprofit management and leadership, nonprofit organizational structure, nonprofit governing board roles and responsibilities, and the importance of ethnic diversity in nonprofit leadership.  Similarities and differences are examined between the for-profit and nonprofit business models.  A case study is introduced to reinforce webinar topics.  The module is most useful for learners with no board or staff nonprofit experience.

  • Nonprofit Finance & Fundraising – Instruction focuses on nonprofit fiscal management and charitable giving principles, and examines the comparison between for-profit and nonprofit revenue streams and financial reporting.  Continued case study discussion considers roles and responsibilities in finance and fundraising.  Most useful for those who have completed the Fundamentals in Nonprofit Governance webinar.  This module is ideal for those with at least two years of nonprofit management and/or governing board experience seeking to improve their skills in this field.

  • Advanced Topics in Nonprofit Leadership & Inclusion – Governing board principles and practices are discussed in light of the strategic challenges facing nonprofit management teams.  Webinar attendees learn about the board nomination process and due diligence for nonprofit board nominees.  Case study discussion examines Inclusion issues, including the recognition and redirection of bias and how to navigate micro-aggressive behaviors.  The module is most useful for those who have completed the previous Ready to LEAD webinars, and is ideal for those with at least three years of recent experience in nonprofit management and/or governing board experience.

Webinar Tuition (discounts apply for multiple webinars)
$200 – Tuition for one Webinar
$350 – Tuition for two Webinars   
$500 – Tuition for three Webinars    


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Production and evaluation of the Ready to LEAD webinar was made possible through a generous grant from the