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Why Boards Must Become Diversity Stewards

From the author: Higher education has come a long way from institutions that were predominantly white for much of their history. Yet, the diversity of each College or University varies significantly from one academic program to another. Boards have to have courage, know the institution and what aligns with its mission, and support the course directions.


It’s Time to Re-examine Diversity and Inclusion Programs to Make Real Progress

From the author: The current conversation in the U.S. around race is robust and touches many areas of society, and higher education is no exception. The structural issues and long-held attitudes in place throughout higher education are old rooted.


Latino Education and Economic Progress: Running Faster but Still Behind

This report addresses Latinos growing rate of higher education degrees, but there is still a gap between Latinos and Whites income.


Boards and institutional diversity: Missed opportunities, points of leverage

This essay describes the challenges boards face, offering strategies to advance their work, addressing the critical issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus


Aligning Demographic Shifts and College Participation: Increasing Latino Degree Attainment

Article dissects statistical demographic research on the challenges and opportunities Latinos have when entering higher education.


From Affirmation Action to Diversity: Rationales for Faculty Diversification Efeorts in a State Anti-Affirmative Action Regulatory Climate & Conservation

The dissertation provided examines how state bans on affirmative action affect rationales for diversity in faculty recruitment and hiring at public University and private University.


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