Finding Category: Latinos and Civic Society

Healthy Parks: Healthy Latinos

This report offers some examples of parks and other outdoor spaces around the United States that are providing opportunities for Latinos to be more active,


Polling Memo and Summary for California Release 2015 Environmental Attitudes Survey

A national survey of registered Latino voters on their attitudes towards the environment


2012 National Latinos and the Climate & Conservation Survey

An extensive research project gauging Latino voters’ opinions on environmental issues.


Aligning Demographic Shifts and College Participation: Increasing Latino Degree Attainment

Article dissects statistical demographic research on the challenges and opportunities Latinos have when entering higher education.


Latino Educational Leadership Across the Pipeline: For Latino Communities and Latina/o Leaders

This literature reviews the institutional aspect of Latino Educational Leadership in an effort to further understand and develop Latino Eduational Leadership framework. The next steps is to formalize efforts that will contribute to the development of scholarship and efforts around educational leadership for Latino communities.


Hispanics and the Future of America

Chapters in this volume use a variety of data sources to describe the future prospects of the Hispanic population, focusing on several key social and institutional domains—the family, the labor market, educational institutions, health care systems, and the polity.


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