Finding Category: Nonprofit Board Diversity & Inclusion

Board Diversity Lilly Foundation

This Article explores the diversity among nonprofit boards as well as the role diversity plays in the engagement of board members.


Vital Voices: Lessons Learned from Board Members of Color

From the authors: Our survey focused exclusively on the attitudes and experiences of people of color who serve on nonprofit boards. We asked about recruitment practices, on-boarding processes, and board culture and dynamics to ascertain whether diversity was accompanied by inclusivity.


Leading With Intent – An overview of nonprofit board diversity

Leading with Intent indext is organized into four broad categories: People: Board Composition and Structure; Culture: Leadership Culture and Dynamics; Work: Board Responsibilities; and, Impact: Perceptions of the Board’s Impact on Organizational Performance.


The Influence of Board Diversity, Board Diversity Policies and Practices, and Board Inclusion Behaviors on Nonprofit Governance Practices

This study examines how non-profit board performance is impacted by board diversity.


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